Chas. Daugherty An Authority
on Boy Scout Movement

  That the Chautauqua is an upbuilding force, and not merely a form of entertainment is best proven by the character of the people who uphold the Chautauqua ideals.  The people who appear on the Welfare Chautauqua programs are all democratic in nature and love to mingle when off the platform with the people of the community.  Don't be afraid to walk right up to any one of them and make yourself acquainted.

  "Chic" Daugherty, for example, is usually surrounded by a flock of boys from the minute he strikes town.  Boys are drawn to Daugherty as bees hover over a barrel of honey.  It seems that some magic message is sent to every boy in town the minute he arrives.  And it is worth while for boys to know him.  He is the embodiment of clean and upright manhood.  For years he was the secretary of the Boys' Department of the Y.M.C.A.

  Of more general interest, however, is the fact that Mr. Daugherty is a boy scout enthusiast and an expert on all phases of boy scout work.  Mr. Daugherty is himself an Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank possible and is a Special Field Scout Commissioner, appointed by the National Headquarters in New York.  He wears twenty-one merit badges.

  The great aim of the Boy Scouts of America is to make every boy scout a better citizen.  It aims to touch him physically -- in the campcraft and woodcraft of the outdoor life.  It seeks to develop him by observation and the knowing of things far and near so that later on, when he 

"Chic" Daugherty
A Boy Scout Leader

enters business life, he may be alert and keen and so be able to add to the wealth of the nation.  It teaches him chivalry and unselfishness, duty, charity, thrift, and loyalty.  It teaches him temperance and gives him the principles by which he may be healthy and clean.  It teaches him patriotism in order that he may become a good citizen and do those things which every citizen out to do to make the community and the land in which he lives the best in the world.

  The boy scout movement neither promotes nor discourages military training, its chief concern being the development of character and personal efficiency of teen-age boys.

  Mr. Daugherty will be very glad, while here, to talk with all who are interested in boy scout work.

At Versailles, July 4, 5, and 6.