Kermit Clark Wood, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 38
Tidewater Council, Virginia

A Boy Scout at heart, forever

Kermit Clark Wood was a Boy Scout leader in the Tidewater Council in Virginia.  We don't know much about Kermit except that he was born in 1921 and completed his Eagle Scout Board of Review on 11/2/1960.  He would have been about 38 when he completed his Eagle Scout rank.

In the photo to the left, Kermit Clark Wood, 86, is shown at a 2007 Veterans Day ceremony in Virginia Beach using the Boy Scout salute during the singing of the national anthem.  Wood, a veteran of WWII, was still an active Boy Scout leader. 

We think it is wonderful that Wood, a Navy veteran, would use the Boy Scout salute on Veterans Day and that somebody would be there to give him a helping hand.

Tidewater Council List of Eagles



Neil Browne, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
East Van Buren District
Lawton, Michigan

He's An Eagle Scout Now

Neil Browne, 18-year-old Lawton High School senior, receives an Eagle Scout award from George Tucker at the Court of Honor held earlier this week in Lawton.  Neil was the only Scout in the East Van Buren District to receive an Eagle Award.

Benton Harbor News Palladium December 7, 1960, Page 19





John O. Nowell, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
Post 26, Mason Dixon Council
Hagerstown, Maryland

Juniata College Freshman Earns Eagle Scout Award

John O. Nowell, left, is shown as his mother pins the coveted Eagle Award badge of Boy Scouting to his uniform.  The ceremony took place on Sunday afternoon at St. Marks Lutheran Church.  John M. Waltersdorf, chairman of the advancement committee of the Mason Dixon Scout Council made the presentation to Mrs. Nowell who, in turn, presented it to her son.

John, 18, is a member of Explorer Post 26 .  He is a freshman at Juniata College, Huntington, Pennsylvania.

Hagerstown Daily Mail February 10, 1960, Page 10.



Rev. Edward J. Haffner, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 35
Post Advisor, Explorer Post 22
Brownwood, Texas

Episcopal Reverend Haffner Earns Eagle Scout Rank

Reverend Haffner earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1960 as the Post Advisor of Explorer Post 22, sponsored by St. Johnís Episcopal Church, in Brownwood, TX.  He was 32 years old.

Prior to becoming a priest in 1955, Haffner had been in the U.S. Army.  He would go on to become the Chaplain for the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX and, after retirement from the clergy, would start a successful real-estate appraisal business. 



Orvin Yeoman, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 42
District Committee Member
Monticello, Iowa

District Scouter Achieves Eagle Scout Award

A special presentation ceremony was the feature of Monday night's Rotary program, when members saw 2 local Boy Scouts from Troop 66 and a long-time Scouter receive Eagle Scout awards.  Scouts Steve Balster, David Savage, and Wapsiketa district committee member, Orvin Yeoman, were the recipients of Scouting's highest honor.

Mrs. Yeoman received a miniature Eagle pin and red roses from her husband.

Yeoman is associated with his father and brothers in the Yeoman and Company manufacturing plant and has a long record of service to both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  He served as the Scoutmaster of Troop 66 for many years and is the recipient of the Silver Beaver Award which is presented to adult Scout leaders in recognition of distingished service to youth.  Orvin Yeoman is 42 years old.

April 28, 1960, Monticello Express (Monticello, Iowa), Page 1
Orvin Yeoman Obituary (Monticello Express Online).  b. 11/19/1917, d. 2/13/2013
Orvin Yeoman Memorial
Yeoman and Company History



Roger Borchard, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 19
Troop 28, Twin Rivers District
Marble Rock, Iowa

Roger Borchard Earns Eagle Scout Award

Roger Borchard, 19, was presented his Eagle Scout Award, by Twin Rivers District Executive Scotty Thompson, at the Marble Rock Gymnasium Monday night.

Roger joined Troop 28 as a Tenderfoot Scout in 1955 and, with the achievement of Eagle Rank, he has reached the pinnacle of Scout advancement.  Roger attended Mason City Junior College and has completed his first year.  He has also been active in 4-H in his community and was a candidate for the annual Farm-Youth Tour in 1959.  Roger also assisted Troop 12 in Mason City.

Arnold P. Staudt is the Scoutmaster of Troop 28, Marble Rock, which is sponsored by Stroud Gates Post No. 387 American Legion.

June 15, 1960, Greene Recorder (Greene, Iowa), Page 5

Editors Note:  If you look closely at the picture to the right, you will easily notice the Exploring logo positioned below the Eagle Medal on Borchard's chest.  There are not enough details here to tell exactly how Borchard was registered but many Scouts who were still working on their Eagle rank were able to register as Explorers attached to a Boy Scout Troop in order to extend their time as a youth.  This might be the case for young Borchard but there is also the reference to him "assisting" with Troop 12 which may also be an indicator that he was actually an adult leader.  In either case, he is over 17.



Fred Wiltse, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 25+
Scoutmaster, Troop 5
Janesville, Wisconsin

Eagle Scoutmaster to New Mexico Camp

Fred Wiltse, Scoutmaster of Troop 5, First Lutheran Church, has been awarded a scholarship to attend Philmont Scout Ranch at Cimarron, N.M.  The scholarship, one of 104 given in the country, was given through the Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Society of Minneapolis, Minn., and the National Boy Scout Office, New Brunswick, N. J.

Wiltse, a clerk at the local post office, left for New Mexico today with his wife and three children, Brad, Bob, and Ann.

Wiltse has been Scoutmaster of Troop 5 for four years and, last year, was presented the Eagle Scout Award.

June 24, 1961, Janesville Daily Gazette (Janesville, Wisconsin), Page 7



Ray Hughes, 1960
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 21+
Scoutmaster, Explorer Post 91, Buckskin Council
Mount Hope, West Virginia

Mount Hope Scouts Receive Awards

Several presentations were made to Boy Scouts of Explorer Post 91 of Mount Hope at the Mount Hope Lions Club meeting Thursday night.  Receiving awards were (left to right) Paul Brown, Life Scout; Conrad Neely, Scoutmaster Ray Hughes, and Tom Kochinsky, Eagle Scout.

According to the Buckskin Council, less than one percent of the entire enrollment of Boy Scouts of America receive the Eagle Scout Award.

December 21, 1960, Beckley Post Herald (Beckley, West Virginia), Page 5

Editors Note:  I'm not a big fan of the way in which the author of this picture caption uses commas and semicolons.  The editor in charge of this should have reworded it to make it more clear that Paul Brown was receiving his Life Scout award while the other 3 (including Scoutmaster Ray Hughes) were receiving their Eagle Scout Awards.  Hughes is likely a post advisor but is called out here as Scoutmaster.  What is very clear, however, is the new medal emblazoned on Hughes chest...



Harvey Hooser, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 46
Scoutmaster, Troop 136, Lone Star District
Sand Springs?, Texas

Harvey Hooser Won Eagle Badge After He Became District Scoutmaster

Harvey Hooser is one of those rare individuals who served as a Scoutmaster and who also achieved the Eagle rank in Scouting.  But he got that Eagle badge after he became a Scoutmaster.

Hooser came up in Scouting as a member of Troop 2 back in the days when it was sponsored by the First Christian Church and the late George Wilke was Scoutmaster.  He got to be a Star Scout, but when he became a scoutmaster six years ago, his boys got to passing him, and this spurred him on to the top with his advancement, too.

Really, it was his service as county attorney that got him into Scouting as an adult leader.  He came in contact with several boys in trouble, and in talking with them, he found that none of them had been with a Scout unit.  M. B. McFall, Midway school principal, had been wanting to start Troop 136 at Midway ,and Hooser was a resident of Sand Springs, so he thought he'd give it a fling.

Starting with seven or eight boys, he built up an active unit which at times had as many as 40 boys...

February 5, 1961, Big Spring Daily Herald (Big Spring, Texas), Page 29
Locate-A-Grave Record.  b. 12/7/1915, d. 9/25/2000




James M. Smith, 1961  "Smut"
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 42
Scoutmaster, Troop 110
Battleboro, North Carolina

Scoutmaster, Two Boys Awarded Eagle Badges

A Battleboro Scoutmaster, James M. (Smut) Smith, joined two of his junior leaders this weekend in receiving the Eagle Scout badge, highest rank Scouting affords.

Smith, Scoutmaster of Troop 110, which is sponsored by the Battleboro Fire Department, received the award at the Nash District Court of Honor held Friday night at the district pre-Camporee at Momeyer. 

Scoutmaster Smith, who travels for a Rocky Mount company, has been active as a Scout leader for the last six years and Scoutmaster of the troop for the last year.  He became a Scout in 1931, joining Troop 5 at Wake Forest.  He came to Rocky Mount in 1946 after his discharge from the Air Force and has been living in Battleboro for the past 3-1/2 years.  He is married to the former Mrs. Verna Harrison of Battleboro.

March 26, 1961, Rocky Mount Evening Telegram (Rocky Mount, North Carolina), Page 3


Preston Sherrod, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 21+
Scoutmaster, Troop 4
Scottsdale, AZ


Three Scouts from Troop 4 at Scottsdale, Terry Johnson, Charles Gerba, and Lee Johnson, from left, will be awarded Eagle Scout badges at the Court of Honor at 8:30 p.m. Today at the Heard Pueblo.  Scoutmaster Preston Sherrod will also receive the Eagle Award at the activities emceed by Jack Murphy.  A total of 94 merit badges will be awarded.  All three boys have fathers who are Eagle Scouts.

Phoenix Arizona Republic, Phoenix Arizona June 28, 1961, Page 13



Jim Showalter, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age ~21
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 33
Abilene, Texas

Eagle Scout Awards Presented

Presented with their Eagle Scout awards Friday Night at a Court of Honor at Camp Tonkawa were Jim Showalter, left, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 33, First Baptist Church of Abilene, and John Henley Jr., Troop 5, College Heights Elementary.

Abilene Reporter News July 1, 1961, Page 25 .

Editors Note:  For those who aspired to get a joke into the Think and Grin section of Boy's Life, Jim Showalter was a joke contributor in July 1956.  Corny was the trademark of a Boy Scout joke and this does not disappoint!

Jim Showalter is also listed in the 1940 census as an infant.  We estimate his age at ~21.  Showalter was clearly older than 18 due to his position as ASM.  From the uniform, Showalter was likely an Explorer leader who earned his merit badges as a Scout.



Fred G. McLeod, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout at age 22
Scoutmaster, Troop 212
Biloxi, MS
Joseph L. Bechers, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout at age 40
Scoutmaster, Troop 212
Biloxi, MS

Four Made Eagle Scout at Biloxi Court of Honor

Mayor Daniel D. Guice presented awards for advancement to Eagle Scout at the Biloxi District Court of Honor Monday night to Gary Boardman, Chris Thygesen Jr., Gordon Buck Jr., and Fred G. McLeod.  Joseph L. Beckers, past Scoutmaster of Troop 212 now residing in Minnesota, will receive his award later.

Fred G. McLeod is the Scoutmaster of Troop 212.  he is in the Civil Engineers at Keesler AFB and is from New York, N.Y. 

Joseph L. Bechers has also been awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.  Bechers, the past Scoutmaster of Troop 212 was not present to receive his award.  He was discharged from the Air Force recently and has returned to his home in Minnesota, where he will receive his award in an Eagle Court of  Honor. 

Biloxi Daily Herald August 15, 1961, Page 14



LaMar Drew, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 30
No position, Alpine LDS Ward
Alpine, Utah

Scouts Get Top Awards In Alpine

ALPINE - Four Eagle badges and one bronze palm award highlighted presentations at a recent court of honor here.  Receiving the Eagle rank were Vaughn Ray Strong, Richard G. Clark, and James Robinson. 

Also receiving eagle Scout was LaMar Drew, 30, who is married and has two daughters. 

Duane A. Shepherd, district advancement chairman was presented the Bronze Palm Award.  Mr. Shepherd, 41, earned his Eagle Scout Award just 18 months ago.

Provo Daily Herald, November 21, 1961, Page 7




Lester W. Scott, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 58
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 209, Gulfport District
Mississippi City, MS

Husband, Father Becomes Eagle Scout...

Lester W. Scott of Mississippi City, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 209, was awarded his Eagle badge Monday night at the Gulfport District Court of Honor by N. D. Goodwin, Vice President of Hancock Bank and committee member of Troop 202, Gulfport.  His Eagle award was pinned on by his wife, Mrs. Wanda Scott. 

Mr. Scott, who joined the Scouts in Granville, ILL, in 1915 at the age of 12 years, holds the Scouters' Award, is a merit badge counselor, and a brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow where he is advisor in charge of ceremonies.  Mr. Scott was appointed Institutional Representative of Troop 199 in 1956 and served in that capacity until 1960 when he transferred to Troop 209.

Mr. Scott followed two of his sons in attaining the rank of Eagle Scout: Richard and Gilbert.  His younger son, Daniel, a Star Scout, expects to attain his Eagle Award this summer.

Biloxi Daily Herald, December 19, 1961, Page 12



Buck Morris, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
No Position, Troop 54
Eudora, Kansas

A 'Blue' Eagle

Buck Morris, Eudora, a seaman apprentice in the U.S. Navy, received the Eagle Scout award Monday night from Troop 54.  It was the first time the troop had pinned the Eagle award onto a blue uniform.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Morris, Eudora.

Lawrence Journal World, December 19, 1961, Page 2.




Gary N. Johnson, 1962
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 30+
Asst. Scoutmaster, Troop 729
Provo, Utah


Members of Boy Scout Troop 729 from Sunset Second Ward recently received five eagle badges, a double gold palm, and a bronze palm award all at the same court of honor.  Front, from left, Gary N. Johnson, Assistant Scoutmaster, who received an Eagle Award; John N. King, Scoutmaster, double gold palm, and Richard D. Carter, Eagle.  Rear, front left, Wayne G. Carter and Stephen R. Fullmer, Eagles;  Jimmy Slaymaker, bronze palm, and Brent Barrett, Eagle.  Last year, also in January, Troop 729 had 10 eagle awards.

Provo Daily Herald February 4, 1962, Page 14 .



Paul A. Grebin, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 33
Former Scoutmaster, Troop 309
Biddeford, Maine

Scout Eagle Award Winners Honored

Biddeford Boy Scout Troop 309 members and Eagle Award winners were honored Saturday night by Biddeford council, Knights of Columbus, at a banquet and program in conjunction with Boy Scout Week. 

Eagle award winners introduced were Richard Jacques, Roger Thibeault, Norman Goulet, George Grebin, David Pollock, Gerard Pollock, James Mackell, Roland Lambert, and Ronald Tremblay, troop members.  Also present was Mr. Paul Grebin, former Scoutmaster, who also recently was presented with his Eagle award.

Biddeford Journal, February 19, 1962, page 8.

Update:  We have since learned that Mr. Grebin earned his Eagle Scout award on November 2, 1961 with son George.  They had different courts of honor but have the same board of review dates.



Douglas Reeves, 1961
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 20
No Position, Troop 16
Pampa, Texas


Douglas Reeves, left, 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Wade W. Reeves, last night was awarded the Eagle Scout badge at special ceremonies held in the Scout House in Lions Club Park.  Reeves is a member of Troop 16, sponsored by the Pampa Noon Lions Club. 

Shown here presenting the certificate is E. A. McLennan, right, chairman of the Lions Boy Scout Committee, and Ed Flood, center, club president.  Young Reeves is the first member of Troop 16 to receive the award since 1943.  The last Pampan to receive the high award was Dr. Harbord Cox.

Pampa Daily News, September 14, 1962, Page 5.



Edward Hone, 1962
Earned Eagle Scout at age 30
Scoutmaster, Orem 14th Ward
Orem, Utah

Two Adults Gain Rank Of Eagle Scout At Court of Honor

Eagle Awards went to six scouters and scouts at a court of honor held recently in the West Sharon Stake.  Two of the awards went to adult leaders Edward Hone, Scoutmaster in the Orem 14th Ward, and John McKinnon of the Lakeview Ward.   

Provo Herald October 7, 1962, Page 26

Note:  John McKinnon is mentioned in this article but his award is included on the Father and Sons page.



Ronald James Mitchell, 1963
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 19
No Position, Post 69
Johnston City, Illinois

Eagle Scout

A Johnston City Youth has joined his brother as one of the city's two Eagle Scouts.  Ronald James Mitchell, 19, received his Eagle award Sunday in the First Christian Church.  Mitchell and his brother Bill are the only scouts in Johnston City to have the vigil honors.  The honors are presented by the National Boy Scout Council.  He is a sophomore at Southern Illinois University and an explorer scout in Post 69.

Southern Illinoisan December 17, 1963, Page 5.

Note:  I believe the author of this article has Vigil Honor confused with Eagle Scout.  We know what he means.



John Eyler, 1964
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18+
No Position, Post 10
LaVale, Maryland

New Eagle Scout

John Eyler, second from left, is shown having the Eagle Scout pin placed on his uniform by his m other in a ceremony recently in LaVale Methodist Church.  Eyler, a student of California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, lived in LaVale with his parents until last year.

Looking on are his father, Dr. Eyler, and at right Robert W. Moreland, associate advisor for Explorer Post 10, of which Eyler is a member.

Cumberland Evening Times January 6, 1964, Cumberland, Maryland, Page 4.




Douglas G. Campbell, 1964
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 19
No Position, Post 407
Bakersfield, California

Young missionary wins Eagle Scout award

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Campbell, parents of Explorer Scout Douglas G. Campbell, received the Eagle Scout badge and certificate on behalf of their son at a recent Court of Honor, sponsored by the Bakersfield Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Explorer Campbell is on a full time mission for the church in Austria.  He completed requirements for the award prior to his departure.  Douglas, a charter member of Explorer Post 407, has been elected best camper on the post's first pack trip into the high Sierras.  He was cited for his ability to take care of himself, his good influence on the group, and helping others.

The Eagle Scout Badge represents accomplishment in scouting skills, in teamwork as a member and leader of a Troop or post, and in Scout spirited as represented by living the Scout oath and law. 

Bakersfield Californian January 15, 1964, Page 61.

Note:  Until approximately 2010, Mormon missionaries waited until they were 19 in order to receive their mission call.  Campbell would have had ample time to complete his Eagle Scout requirements after his high school graduation at 18.  Once he received his call, he would have been sent to language school and then to Austria.



Roman Baumgart, 1964
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 20
Associate Explorer Advisor, Post 57
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Baumgart Wins Eagle Badge.

Roman Baumgart, Assistant Advisor of St. Dominic's Post 57, Explorer Scouts, was awarded scouting's highest honor, the Eagle badge, during a Sunday evening dinner at Thimmig's Restaurant. 

Roman, 20, is a freshman at Sheboygan's UW Extension Center.

Taking part in the Eagle presentation were James Bopp, She-Ko-Fa District executive; Dr. Howard Fliss, Institutional Representative, and Wayne Engelmann, Post 57 advisor.  Mrs. Baumgart pinned the Eagle badge to her son's uniform.  He, in turn, presented a miniature silver eagle to his mother.  Also present was the new Eagle Scout's proud father.

Sheboygan Press April 28, 1964, Page 15 .




David Hawks, 1964
Earned Eagle Scout at age 18+
No Position, Post 152
Syracuse, Utah
John Murray, 1964
Earned Eagle Scout at age 18+
No Position, Post 152
Syracuse, Utah

   Explorer Post Boasts Sixteen Eagle Scouts.

There are 16 Eagle Scouts in Explorer Post 152 following a special All-Eagle Court of Honor Sunday night in the Syracuse First Ward Chapel. 

 The coveted Boy Scout award, the highest achievement conferred on youth in the program, was presented to ....  John Murray,  ... and David Hawks.

David is 18 and attends Weber State College where he is active in Lambda Delta Sigma, affiliated with the Ogden Institute of Religion.  He is a graduate of Clearfield High School.  John is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Murray and attends Brigham Young University.

Biloxi Daily Herald August 15, 1961, Page 14




C. Malcolm Stone, 1965
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
Post 104, Braddock Trail District, Westmoreland-Fayette Council
Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Mother Presents Eagle Scout Pin to Son

C. Malcolm Stone, son of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Stone, received an Eagle Scout pin from his mother during the Sunday morning worship service in the First E.U.B. Church. 

The new Eagle Scout is a graduate of Connellsville Joint High School and a freshman at Washington & Jefferson College. 

Connellsville Daily Courier February 2, 1965, Page 1




Lawrence Shearsmith, 1965
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 66
Taos District Scout Council Member
Taos, New Mexico

Eagle Scout at 66

Mrs. Lawrence Shearsmith was congratulated by Scout Commissioner Eloy Jeanette last Sunday on the occasion of  the presentation of Eagle Rank to her husband, left.  Eagle rank is the highest award in Scouting.  At age 66, Shearsmith may have set a Scouting record in receiving such an award.

Shearsmith, a retired member of the U.S. Corps of Engineers was Committee Chair of Troop 98 and a member of the Taos District Scout Council. 

Taos News February 18, 1965, Page 1

Note:  Lawrence Shearsmith is not the oldest man to ever earn Eagle Scout.  That honor belongs to Ezra A. Stevens who earned his Eagle Scout rank at the age of 73 in 1954.  Shearsmith, however, does belong to a distinguished group of men who earned Silver Beaver before they earned Eagle Scout.  Well done!



William Goosby Jr., 1965
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
Troop 2
Abilene, Texas

Brother Eagles

Mike and Bill Goosby, 15 and 18, sons of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goosby, received their Eagle Scout Awards Tuesday night at a Court of  Honor in the fellowship hall of the Fairmont Methodist Church.  Mike, a Cooper sophomore, and Bill, a Freshman at McMurry College, have been with the Trooop since becoming Tenderfoot Scouts.  Hugh Colbert, Scoutmaster, made the Eagle presentation.

Abilene Reporter News September 22, 1965, Page 13



Erney J. Hunt, 1965
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
Troop 86?
Groves, Texas

Port Arthur News August 20, 2010



John Teeter Pitzer, 1965
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18
Post 71
Biglerville, Pennsylvania

   Explorer Scout Earns Eagle Scout Award

John Teeter Pitzer, 18, Biglerville Post 71, received his Eagle Scout award from his mother, Sunday morning at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Biglerville.  Looking on, from left to right, are Earle B. Constable, Scoutmaster of Biglerville Post 71; H. David Pitzer, father of the recipient; and John's proud mother, Marie.

Gettysburg Times September 14, 1965, Page 7.



Dale McNally, 1965
Earned Eagle Scout at age 19
No Position
Hayward, California
Larry McNally, 1965
Earned Eagle Scout at age 20
No Position
Hayward, California

   Brothers Advance

Three brothers this week attained the distinction of winning their Eagle Scout rank at the same time.  they are Paul McNally, and brothers Dale, 19, and Larry, 20, all of Hayward.  The Eagle awards are presented by Dr. Ray Arveson, South District Boy Scout Chairman.

Daily Review, Hayward, California, June 10, 1965, page 11

Note:  The South District has had many proud adult Eagle Scouts including my personal favorite, Abe Atwood, who received his Eagle rank in 1928 but then became district chair for this very district in the 1940s.



Lee King, 1966
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 19
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 107, Tendoy Council
Pocatello, Idaho

Local Scoutmaster Receives Eagle Scout Honors

Lee King, right, assistant scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 107, received his Eagle Scout award at a Court of Honor Monday night at the First Baptist Church.  King, 19, is an Idaho State University Student.  Making the award is Al M. Smith, district commissioner of the Tendoy Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Idaho State Journal February 16, 1966, Page 12 .



Douglas Jacques, 1966
Earned Eagle Scout rank at age 18+
No Position, Troop 30
Holland, Michigan

Local Man is Presented Eagle Award

Douglas Jacques, son of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jacques, and a student at Grand Valley State College, was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout at a meeting of the Harrington School Troop 30 on Monday evening.  The Eagle is the highest award that can be attained in Scouting.

Jacques, a lover of nature and animals who started the "Jinx Menagerie" pet Shop in 1959 having everything form "racoons to snakes," was graduated from West Ottawa High School in 1965. 

On June 24, he plans to sail from New York to France where he will spend one year for study, after which he will go to Quebec for a five-year course at Laval University.  Jacques is majoring in foreign languages.

Holland Evening Sentinel February 24, 1966, Page 17